Hello there, you genius you! … Yes YOU!


I am sure you have quite a genius side to you.

But I am also guessing you may be here because:

  • Your Genius doesn’t always get to shine as much as it should.
  • It’s bombarded and being crushed by the things that need to get done. Things that maybe you even think you have been getting done perfectly fine on your own.
  • Your to-do list is taking over your life and your Genius is suffering!
  • Maybe your playtime is even suffering. (Yes I said play time. You need some time off to function at your very best, are you getting enough of it?)
  • Or maybe your Genius has taken you to a higher level in your business where you have so many great things coming at you that you need some support to keep track, slim down what’s on your plate and create a clear path for your Genius to be able to do its thing.
  • Maybe it’s all of the above.

Well let me introduce myself…

             …I’m Aurora Muse of AMuseAssisting.com

…and I am A. Muse here to inspire you by opening up more time, more peace, more clarity by clearing out all of the things that are not in correspondence with your Genius.

I am here to help you find the best solutions to get your business and personal life flowing smoothly, efficiently, and even automatically. Yes, I said automatically!

So sit back. Relax. And let out only what comes naturally to you and makes you feel oh-so-good. You’ll be waking up each morning excited to start your day and you will be able to get more of that stuff that you have been hearing so much about…you know…sleep? (and..enjoyment). Whatever you need, A. Muse is here!

Schedule your F-R-E-E “Take Back Your Genius” Consultation today  
and see how A.Muse can help your business grow and help you stay inspired!

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