About A. Muse Assisting

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First, let me say, I am so glad you found yourself here, taking the steps towards getting the right support to open up new possibilities and get rid of all the overwhelm or take on the next BIG thing on your list!

Let me begin by introducing myself. I am Vanessa, also known as Aurora Muse or A. Muse of AMuseAssisting.com and I am here to help you stay in your Genius full time and hold on to that passion that drives you daily.

Here’s Why I’d Love To Work With You!

What has captured me the most through the years has been working with creatives and inspiring entrepreneurs. It has not only injected me with the incurable desire to follow my own passions more than ever (I can contest that this stuff is highly contagious and addictive) but it has also showed me that I really love working with people who really love what they do and live through their genius and passions. People who live in a little wonderful world where our desires to inspire lead our hearts, lives, and businesses to create beauty in many shapes and forms. I wanted to be part of this revolution!

And what I am good at is keeping the wheels turning!
Keeping you running on a full tank of motivation!
Clearing the road of obstacles as your Genius slams on the gas,
speeding you towards your goals and fulfilling your purpose!

Note: I do not encourage slamming on the gas & speeding on non-metaphorical roads.
Those speeding tickets are not metaphors for anything but a bad day.

How I Support My Clients

With a brain wired for creativity, an eye for detail and a compulsive habit of thinking two-steps ahead, I have often earned titles “Rock Star Assistant”, “Right-Hand-Gal”, and “Thought Partner” with my clients. Personally, I often refer to myself as A.Muse-Of-All-Trades due to my fascination with learning, my addiction to gaining and updating skills, and my natural habit of conjuring an overflow of ideas and inspiration.

Being used to wearing different hats as A. Muse-Of-All-Trades (and business owner), I’ve become quite adaptable at not only performing various duties while using a variety of skills but it also gives me a great ability to view projects from all different perspectives, not just my own, so that I can produce my part as a perfect fit within a team/company. It also makes me a bit of a chameleon to my clients, as I am more adaptable to different positions as well as the various work styles of my clients. 
I feel that what is produced from my services should be molded to and reflect their individual work styles so that things get done in a way that fits smoothly into their own work flow. It’s one of the few times blending in really works well and makes me feel like a bit of a task ninja. I don’t just strive to understand the habits, styles, and needs of my clients but also those of their team members and their clients/customers, often bridging the gap between these three elements (the company, it’s team and its customers), bringing them together in harmony.

My mission is not just to get things done but to improve the way things are done
. I strive to get things done as efficiently as possible while continuously cleaning up the process itself to create the smoothest flow in your business and your life.

In summary, I’m a rockstar-assistant–muse-of-all-trades–task-ninja–inspiration-inducing–details-diva–to-do-list-fighting-machine…and I am here to save your day..and your sanity (I promise that will be the longest title I’ll use).

| About A.Muse Assisting | Story Of A. Muse | Skills & Services | Peak Into My Wiring |