Skills & Services:

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Let’s help you get your genius back
With Genius Business Support Services

Here’s what we can offer

Services are available both as by the hour services & personalized packages customized specifically to your needs

ADMIN SUPPORT – Making your day-to-day easier with:

  • Inbox management, organization, & filtering
  • Calendar management & appointment setting
  • Systems creation & upkeep
  • Digital file organization
  • General research
  • Travel research, planning, and booking
  • Contact list management and clean up
  • Transcribing & content repurposing
  • Data entry
  • Event planning, set up, and management
  • Invoicing and financial tracking
  • Translation (Italian to English)

CLIENT CARE – Keeping your customers and clients happy with:

  • Client concierge, client care, customer service, & management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Client appreciation campaign creation/management
  • Custom gift creations
  • Gift shopping

MARKETING SUPPORT – Supporting your marketing needs like:

  • Newsletter and blog formatting
  • Social media support
  • Presentation creation and clean up
  • Article marketing management & distribution
  • Content repurposing (turning old content into Social Media Shareables, new blog posts, etc)
  • Basic copywriting
  • Light proofreading
  • Marketing related research

TEAM MANAGEMENT – Helping your team succeed with:

  • Company manual creation and upkeep
  • Project coordination
  • Team management
  • Systems and processes creation for efficiency and smooth flow
  • Running team & brainstorming meetings
  • Taking meeting notes with actionable steps list

THE IN-BETWEEN – Supporting your multi-media needs like:

  • Basic and advanced photo editing
  • Basic video editing (Premiere, Final Cut, and some After Effects)
  • Basic audio editing
  • Basic graphic design
  • Basic website editing/upkeep

THE BONUSES – And a few other quick fun facts about me that add a little bit of extra magic to the mix

  • I speak/understand a second language (Italian) and am a semi-frequent visitor of Italy
  • I’m multi-passionate/a multi-potentialite – so I have a natural love of learning and a versitile pallet of interests
  • I’m an idea’s person – I love coming up with ideas!
  • I have an addiction to productivity
  • I’m a creative writer
  • I’m a lover of delicious food, curious baker, and soon to be food blogger
  • I’ve been supporting businesses since I was a child, as soon as I could read I was supporting our family business and once I began to teach myself new skills around emerging technology, I began helping even more businesses.

Something not on the list? Just ask!
If I can’t help you directly I am happy to make recommendations and help you find the right fit for you!
And know that this list continues to grow as I constantly strive to learn more and update my skills.


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