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AMA001smlWhile I was born Vanessa, I had a special fondness for my middle name, Aurora. It felt more unique, creative, and beautiful. Aurora means sunrise in Italian and if you’ve ever seen the color-filled beauty of Aurora Borealis you may also understand my obsession. It even felt more me at times. When it came to naming my business, the word muse came to mind, which is what my husband often called me as well. I had often used skills that I gained to push people further into their dreams and passions by supporting them throughout their journey. I’d support them as an assistant, as a listener, and as a source of inspiration and new ideas.

From that came Aurora Muse…

For as long as I can remember, I have been driven with an eagerness to learn and to follow where passion leads. At an early age, this made me a great candidate as a mini assistant and muse-of-all-trades-in-training for my father’s business. While on my “off” time, I was either trying to invent something, searching for new crafts to try or investigating a new technology.

As I grew older, I continued to find myself in similar supportive roles, including Teaching Assistant, Office Assistant, Artist Assistant, Assistant Coordinator, Personal Assistant, and so on. The roles may have been similar but each project was bigger or different with something new to learn..and I loved it!

My mind would always soak in the new skills and knowledge immediately. Then, not only would I be more equipped for the job in no time, I would also use my fresh perspective to find ways to improve the systems and procedures, making them easier, faster, and more efficient. Many times I’d be solving problems before they officially became issues and it certainly helps that my mind seems to always be a few steps ahead, envisioning future possibilities so that I can plan for both the best and the worst.

On the side, I’d be teaching myself something I hadn’t yet tackled or I’d be dabbling in a new adventure, from various forms of arts and crafts (including designing cakes, creating piñatas, and sculpting) to teaching myself skills like photo-editing, video-editing, graphic design, html, and computer programming before it was available as a class for me. I would take anything new I learned and get creative with my assignments, turning in a painting or a video as a unique form of a book report. I’d be the student who would not only deliver the data required but would take the extra step to beautify the package that contained it, whether it be a color coded book report, an advanced powerpoint (complete with animations and sound), or a computer-animated cartoon for a language assignment. I always loved to get creative and dazzle people with something new, fun, and out of the box, with my eyes always on the details that make that happen, no matter how small.

In the more recent steps of my journey…
I started off as a Personal Assistant and grew into Excessive Assistant, Client Care Expert, and Front End Manager where I learned so much, met some fascinating people and had an amazing adventure.

For the past few years, I have been working on my own business as both a creator and a supporter. The creative side of my business keeps me up to date with the needs of running a creative business and gives me the inside view of a business owner so I can better assist my clients through a supportive role.

I also strive to find ways to keep creativity, passion, and inspiration constantly alive and sparkling. I love to find ways to incorporate this as I support my clients, from making sure to celebrate their accomplishments (big & small) to keeping them encouraged when things may not be at their best to just showing up with a positive attitude when things might not be going according to plan.

I don’t like to just play the role of an assistant or consultant, but rather a HANDS ON Muse-Of-All-Trades, being there for my clients at every angle and supplying them with creative solutions to keep their passions going and the businesses growing.

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