Best cashback rewards website that keeps on giving.

I am IN LOVE with Ebates! It gives you cash back on so many stores with barely any effort, alerts you of discounts and sales and rewards you for sharing. 

As an Entrepreneur..or a general human being really, we spend lots of money throughout the year with online shopping and if you haven’t heard of this cash back reward yet,you are missing out!

Quick Review: 
Every time I need to purchase something online I check Ebates first.
I used to participate in a similar program with my bank card, where I would get some cash back on items but I had to use that specific card (so I couldn’t rack up flyer miles at the same time). But with Ebates it doesn’t matter what card you use so these savings will be on TOP OF your current card perks. So if your credit card has cash back too or you get points (like flyer miles…hello Europe!) you are getting even more from your purchase.
Pros: Quick, easy to use, has lots of stores listed, lists deals so I don’t always have to search all over the place for a good deal, 
Cons: Most of my Amazon purchases don’t qualify and that’s where I do most of my purchasing (but they are also usually priced lower than other stores, plus you can get an Amazon Gift card instead of a check).

It can be easy to forget to log in before purchasing, or to check if a website is on the list when purchasing from a new website.

Quick Tips on how to use it:
– Just sign up right here  (yes, this is a refer-a-friend link which I send to all of my buddies because I think this is the best thing since…since online shopping!)
– Any time you are about to shop,
*Sign into ebates first (this is a VERY important step, nothing counts unless you sign in before completing your purchase)
*Once signed in, search for the store. Not only will it tell you how much cash back you receive but it will also tell you about any special deals available too that you can usually combine with your cash back rewards!
*Click on the store (or deal) and it will send you to that store’s website  (and it will look as it normally would)
*Shop!! and then wait for a check to arrive…seriously…the check is actually in the mail! (I received $150+ total from my holiday shopping already!)
– It also does help to have Mobile Depositing feature from your bank, so that once the check arrives you can quickly send it to your bank in no time.
– I should also note that you can get a gift card instead of a check, I was able to get my cashback in the form of an Amazon Gift Card.

How to get even more cash!:
Ebates also offers some special deals for sharing with your friends. And honestly, this is something you should share (if you want to be the cool friend that is). Sometimes they offer a special reward deal like $75 for referring 3 friends. (Friends get counted once they make a purchase of $25 or more)

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