BOLD! #1 Best Seller & Nominated for Small Business Book of The Year Award

Congratulations to my spectactular client Sara and the rest of the inspirational authors of the best selling book.. Bold!!!
Within just 15 hours on the market Bold! hit the best-selling mark in the Professional Development, Personal Success, Education & Training, and Business & Finances categories!!

And now it has been Nominated for Small Business Book of The Year Award!!
How fabulous is that?!

I just love seeing my client’s work skyrocket to the top!

If you haven’t already read it, be sure to pick up your copy ASAP. In BOLD! 13 authors share their expertise, their stories and their wisdom to inspire you to be BOLD in your life and business. No two authors share the same stories or background and each one shares a unique lesson.

Once you’ve read it don’t forget to Vote Here

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