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Kickass Confidence Blog Work:
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New Beginning Animal Rescue Blog Work:
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Holiday Pet Dangers (Full Write-up)
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Copy Writing Samples for Websites

When I write copy I like to be sure to capture the voice of the person I am writing for so that their personality and attitude seeps through the text. I write copy for websites, newsletters, blogs, video scripts, template e-mails, etc.
All copy on this website was also all written by me so be sure to check around the site to see more examples of my writing.

Here are some more examples:
Tap Into (T-Shirt Company) Website Copy

The Tap Into is a site for a compassion driven t-shirt company and is still under construction but here is the approved text that will be used for the site. The owner wanted compassion (and the lack of) to be the focus as well as meanings behind her shirts in today’s world. I also created consistency throughout the pages by referring back to the company name “Tap Into” to introduce the subject of each page, as some fun word play.
Homepage Copy
Tap Into… Something Positive, Tap Into Something Good, Tap Into our T-Shirts.

Tap Into is a t-shirt line geared towards promoting positive thinking and caring for others. These t-shirts are not just a great way to spread a positive message but to promote a better way of life. Each one reminds people to “tap into” something this world needs more of and give back to society so that we can begin to recreate a true sense of community. They are made to help us inspire each other by not only wearing them, spreading it positive message but by also living it.

Each t-shirt is meant to give back in some way.
– They are a symbol of giving back to our communities by spreading meaningful messages that serve as a reminder of something positive our society needs.
– All of our shirts are made of 100% organic cotton as a way to give back to the earth and the future of our children.
– 10% of the profits from our Autism and Cancer shirts are donated to the associated charities.
– We also give back to you, the buyers and wearers of Tap Into t-shirts, by giving you a chance to have your design chosen as our next featured shirt along with lots more goodies (read more here [link to submit design page]). We also love to see pictures of you wearing our shirts so that you can be our newest local celebrity.

Tap Into... Our Company (About Page Copy)
Tap Into …Our Company

Who is behind Tap Into (Elizabeth’s Story)
Tap Into is the creation of Elizabeth Sylvince, a mother, businesswoman, and veteran from New York struggling to get back on her feet. A few years ago, she was a successful realtor living the perfect life until things began to crumble. Within a few years, her son was diagnosed with Autism, the housing market fell and the man in her life took off with all of her money and furniture leaving her with an empty home to raise her son. Her world was pulled out from beneath her and she decided to step away from everything to give her son 100% of her attention to get him all the support he needed.
Her days were filled with her son’s daily therapy appointments, school, and giving him constant attention. Having so much to do with no support or work, left her feeling truly defeated. She was in a very dark, depressing place and lost her faith. She knew she needed to get herself back on her feet and get her family’s life back together. She pushed herself rejoin the church and community while reading inspirational books. She began to be thankful again and realized that things do happen for a reason.

But rejoining society didn’t mean joining compassionate neighbors.
One day, while traveling on the train, her son felt sick and no one offered help as they all hurried away. What happened to this world, she thought? If someone is in need, doesn’t anyone think with their heart any more and offer support? Whether it be a mother in need, someone fighting a battle with cancer, or someone being bullied; we should make an effort to be a part of the solution and make this world a better place to live in.

And then the idea of Tap Into came along
This experience stuck in Elizabeth’s mind ever since and she thought, people need to tap into humanity, compassion, positivity, love, and above all, their own hearts. This is where the concept of Tap Into was conceived. She is now on a one-woman mission to change people’s perspectives one t-shirt at a time.

Tap Into... Our Store (Store Page Copy)
Tap Into… Our Store – What will you tap into first?

Each shirt is made of 100% cotton! (Note: You may want to make this a graphic somewhere on the page)(Note: Somewhere on the receipt sent or one of the last pages in the purchasing process (or both) I would write “Don’t forget to submit a photo of you wearing our shirts. We want to see YOU! )

Tap Into... Our Community (Their 'Local Celebrity' Page Copy)
Tap Into… Our Community
Our Newest Local Celebrities wearing our shirts and spreading their messages!

[Photos Here] You should be next! Head over to our store [link to store], order your shirt and send us a photo of yourself wearing it. We can’t wait to feature you!
Tap Into... Your Creative Side ('Submit a design' Page Copy)
Tap Into… Your Creative Side And Submit Your Design

Have an idea for a design? GREAT! We would love to see it! We are always looking for new creative ways to spread positive messages so please share your ideas with us. If your idea is chosen as our next design, not only will your design be our next featured shirt, but you will also receive your own shirt free, a $50 gift card, bragging rights, and celebrity status!

All designs submitted will be judged by our fans and the top two that receive the most votes will be chosen by me and my team.

Contact us (Contact Page Copy)

Have a question, comment or concern? We want to know!

Fill out the form below and we are happy to get back to you.

[Form here] Want to submit your design? We’d love to see it! Click here [Link to Submit a Design Page] to submit your idea.
New York Tunes - Movie Project
New York Tunes – Movie Project” is a not for profit personal art project of Benjamin Dirks. He describes his movie as ‘visual poetry’ and therefore music and having a poetic flow were my main inspiration when creating his copy.
What is New York Tunes? (About The Project Page)

What is New York Tunes?

First of all, I want to thank you for your interest in the New York Tunes movie project.

Since stepping onto the rhythmic streets of New York City two years ago, I yearned to return to capture the array of live public music being preformed by its residents; now that I am living in the city for a short time, I plan to do just that. I envision a video blog that will morph into a documentary, composed of visual poetry that illustrates the musical performances from artists playing on the curbs, platforms, coffee shops, and bars of New York City. My intention is to create a visual piece that not only focuses on the variety of music that flows through its streets, but also goes into the stories of the unique artists and their personal tales of this ever beating city. By including a variety of artists, young and old, from within the five boroughs, it will showcase the personal and musical diversity of the city.

The documentary will be filled with captivating visuals of these musical experiences, encapsulated in the beauty that is New York. My hopes are that the viewer could grab a still from the film and it would be a frameable work of art that can tell a story on its own.

This documentary is not for profit, but for the sake of creating art. I have funded this project as much as I can and hope to receive more funding, through my Kickstarter, to put it back into the project and cover any expenses.

Does this project strike a chord with you? If so, consider donating and sharing with your friends! <link to kick starter>

About Me & All That Jazz (About Me Page)

About Me – and all that jazz.

My name is Benjamin Dirks and I am the man behind the New York Tunes movie project. Here’s a little bit about me…(To learn more about the project itself visit the about the project page <insert link to project page>).

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with music and live performance. Though I was born in Essen, Germany and moved with my parents to America for two years as a toddler, I spent most of my childhood growing up in an old converted farm in Lower Saxony, Germany that was regularly open to international guests. Musical instruments were always scattered around our large house as well as in a special room that everyone still refers to as the “Music Room”. This is where I hit my very first piano keys at the young age of three and was the source of awe-inspiring melodies flowing through the home, capturing my heart and creating a life-long admiration and curiosity for music. I continued to play piano for years but also tried my hand at playing the saxophone, flute, xylophone and even tried to learn guitar in recent years.

After I finished school, I worked at a music center setting up bands, theater groups, improvs, and DJs. I loved being a part of the experience of creating live art as well as the opportunity to engage with the artists after their shows, which constantly fed my curiosity of learning more about the people behind the arts. While backstage, one artist even taught me how to play a few drum combinations on the Cajon-drumbox within 30-minutes (which isn’t easy, not to blow my own horn).

Music wasn’t the only art that entranced me as I also discovered a passion for capturing alluring images that tell engaging stories through my photography and film. See some of my work here, on my site built by my lovely wife: www.benjamindphotography.de

I often find myself traveling through my educational journey and my love of adventure and am never short on inspiration as I regularly navigate my way through new grounds. What I love most is to experience and capture the live music of each place I visit. One of my favorite cities to explore large varieties of street music and artists is the music filled city of New York. When I first walked down its streets in 2011, this city amazed me with its diversity and unique public music experiences, and has been calling me back ever since. This is where I was deeply inspired to create my New York Tunes movie project, and now that I am living here for a short time, I thought I would capture this experience through my lens while I have the chance.

Currently, I am on my way to a Masters Degree in History and English Literature, while also minoring in Education as I work on my New York Tunes movie project.

Intro to Blog (Blog Page)

Want a behind the scenes look and latest updates on what’s going on with New York Tunes? Tune in right here with your own backstage pass to the latest updates and releases! I will be adding photos, excerpts, updates, and special announcements as they come.

Contact Pages

Have a musician you would like to suggest?

Know a musician who might want to sing us a tune for this movie project? That’s music to my ears!

Send over the information using the form below and we would love to hear from you.

Please know that I am not able to pay any performer fees at this time but this project should be some great publicity for any musician.

Want to join the team?

Think you can help jazz this project up? We can use all the help we can get!
Just send in your information below and we will contact you as soon as possible, with bells on!

Contact Us

Something Strike a chord with you? Want to share your questions, comment, or suggestions? Just drop us a note below, we would love to hear from you.

Kickstarter Flyer
New York Tunes Movie Project – capturing the hidden masterpieces of the city!

Have you stopped and listened to the music lately? The incredible tunes playing around you?

I am working on a new project documenting talent from the streets and sweet spots of New York City and we are looking for contributions through our Kickstarter, as well as music suggestions and volunteers to work on the videos.

I’m Benjamin Dirks, the man behind New York Tunes. My admiration for global street performers has led me here (for a limited time) to create a video blog that captures the tales and tunes from the various and unique musicians all over the streets, bars, cafés of these five boroughs. I envision it morphing into a documentary, composed as visual poetry, illustrating the musical performances as well as exhibiting captivating images and stories from these unique artists and city.

I have funded this project myself as much as I could and need to cover some of the basic costs in order to get the project running. If this project strikes a cord with you, please consider contributing to New York Tunes. We have lots of goodies to offer you for any of your contributions as a great big thank you!

And please, share with your friends, (even if you can’t contribute) I would greatly appreciate it!

Visit <kick starter link>

Thank you!!

Preformer Flyer

Benjamin asked for a flyer that he could leave for performers if he liked them for his movie.

Hi there! I loved your performance and would love for you to be in my project!!

My name is Benjamin Dirks and I am working on a movie project called New York Tunes. I have always had a huge admiration for street performers worldwide, as you can see from my included photos, but no city has captivated me more with its various sounds and stories than New York City. Now that I am living here for a short time, I want to capture the tales and tunes from various musicians all over the five boroughs. I am working on a video blog that I envision morphing into a documentary, composed as visual poetry, that illustrates the musical performances from artists playing on the curbs, platforms, coffee shops, and bars of this city. I intend to create a visual piece that not only focuses on the variety of music that flows through these streets, but also goes into the stories of the unique artists, like yourself, and their personal tales of this ever beating city. I would love to have you be a part of that!

This documentary is not for profit but rather simply, it is for the sake of creating art, so unfortunately I cannot cover any musicians’ fees; however, I believe the film will serve for great publicity.

Currently, I need artists who are interested in being part of the promo videos for a Kickstarter I am creating in order to cover basic expenses.

If this project strikes a chord with you, please consider being a part of it and sharing with your friends.

Thank you.