It’s time to give thanks…to your clients too.

Here we are, the week of Thanksgiving. This usually means a warm delicious family dinner, the start of the holiday craze, and setting some time to give thanks; at least I hope you do.

Last year on Thanksgiving, my nephews wanted to go around the table and hear what everyone was thankful for and we each expressed how we were thankful for where we were, for the wonderful people we were surrounded by, and of course, for the wonderful food (thanks mom!).

This is such an important thing that we should take the time out to do regularly, but a lot of us forget to stop and really express our gratitude in meaningful ways, both within business and outside of it. Sure when someone serves us or holds a door for us we may automatically say “thank you” (not that these small gestures are not appreciated); however, how many times do we go out of our way to find a meaningful way to thank the special people who really affect our lives and businesses? This can include our team, our biggest influencers, and our clients.

Thank you gift ideas

Whether it be as small as a handwritten thank you card for a referral, a bouquet of flowers for their most recent accomplishment, or a gift basket filled with yummy treats or fresh fruit, an act of generosity is always appreciated.

There are so many ways we can show our gratitude and honestly, what would our business be without these people?

Plus, not only is it a sweet gesture, it also helps you stand out and be remembered.

Need some ideas? Here are a few to get you started.

Gift baskets
These are usually a good choice and come in lots of varieties that can satisfy almost anyone. It also comes in handy if you’re mailing it to a larger client with a whole in-office team to share with.
1-800-baskets is a good place to start, here’s a current deal on some great options:
Save 35% on select holiday gift baskets for as low as $12.99 from! Use code: GIFTS35 (Offer ends 12/2/2014)

A gift that gives all year “…Of The Month Club”
Like the cheese of the month club, cupcake of the month club, wine of the month club or fruit of the month club.
Like Harry & Davids fruit of the month club (50% off select items for Black Friday, perfect time to buy)

A journal
Here are some journals from Amazon for example
You can look up journals + your clients favorite color or with an inspirational saying to keep them inspired.

A gift to charity
You can choose a charity that is really important to your client (this is also a wonderful option if you are sending a sympathy card or if your client is really passionate about a specific cause).
One of my favorite ways to give a gift to charity (other than the next option listed) is where the receiver can choose which charity your money goes to.

A gift to charity WITH a tangible gift for your client as well
I love things that serve two purposes. So having a gift that serves a greater purpose as well as being a nice gift in itself, is one of my favorite ways to go when gift giving.
And one of my absolute favorite ways to do this is by gifting a oneHOPE wine because 50% of their profits go to various charities (each varietal has its own associated charities, from breast cancer to the troops, to animal adoption, or child hunger). They offer wines by the bottle, case, or even as a themed gift set. You can see it all right here on my own store front (they will also be having a holiday sale which I’ll be sharing soon)

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And what about you..
How do you show gratitude to your clients?
What was the best way you’ve been thanked?

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