Kickass client does it again! Check out her new book Kickass Confidence.

Alyssa is the Chief Confidence Officer, Co-Founder of American Confidence Institute (ACI), Founder of Mint Green Marketing, Speaker and now the author of 6 books including her newest book Kickass Confidence!

The book dives into what confidence really looks like. It explores the science of confidence from neuroscience and psychology perspectives, shares tools used in life/business coaching, and shows how our brain structure and functions can change to be more confident.

I’m adding it right onto my “Must Read” list, though I’m very tempted to stop my current book to jump right in!

From the back cover:
Kickass Confidence looks at what boosts or busts confidence. Leveraging breakthrough evidence in neuroplasticity and high performance coaching, you’ll learn how to literally change your brain to think more confidently.
Get into a zone of control by conditioning everyday core confidence just like professional and Olympic athletes, elite military and seasoned C-suite executives.

Grab Your Copy Here!

Congratulations to you Alyssa!
You are one kickass client and obviously a kickass author!

Inspire on!

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