New Beginning Animal Rescue Receives $10k Donation!

I’m so happy to announce that New Beginning Animal Rescue received $10,000 from the Sidewalk Angels Foundation from their Borgata/Sidewalk Angels benefit shows in January 2016. Sidewalk Angels Foundation is a wonderful organization started by musician Rob Thomas and his wife, Marisol Thomas, to help support no-kill animal shelters and rescues across the country and fighting for the rights of those without a voice. New Beginning is so thankful for such a generous donation and I am happy we were able to support.

It’s been such a pleasure working with New Beginning Animal Rescue for over a year now. I’m proud to be part of the support team for the only No-Kill Animal Rescue in the Bronx, a greatly underserved county.

In other fantastic news, we’ve also worked on securing new partners/affiliates to support the shelter and have added the list to their website.

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