Get Bold and Unleash The Hero Within – High Five to Author Sara O. Speicher

Here’s my first High Five to author and wonderful client of mine…Sara O. Speicher on the publication of her new book!

BOLD!: Helping YOU Unleash The Hero Within

BOLD!: Helping YOU Unleash The Her Within is a recently released (Sept, 2014) International BEST – Friggin – SELLER , co-authored by 13 Entrepreneurs who each share their stories, passions, and lessons and show readers why BOLD is the new sexy! How amazing!!

And did you know there IS an I in teamwork?

That’s exactly what Sara speaks to in her Chapter “There Is “I” In Teamwork” where she has a very special challenge for readers – to build a team that will not only hold each other accountable, but also lead them to maximum success professionally.

Want to read an excerpt? You can read it directly on Sara’s blog.

Want to read more? Order your copy of BOLD! in Paperback or Kindle Edition

Again, here is a BIG HIGH-FIVE to Sara for this great celebration!

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